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A Tourist in Brooklyn

Ladies at the Sakura Matsuri Festival

Over the past 3 weekends, Lulu and I have spent some time in different parts of Brooklyn.  This past weekend we went to see the Keith Haring exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, to stop in at the Sakura Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens (celebrating Japanese culture amidst the cherry blossoms), and to visit some old friends.  For this Manhattanite, Brooklyn often seems another world.  I actually felt as if I was traveling again alone with Lulu, the moments we were on our own, walking around with my camera.  There are some extremely beautiful spots, lush greenery, and tree-lined streets with architecturally gorgeous brownstones.  Not to mention a creative, eclectic energy which I feel less and less in Manhattan. But I am curious to hear if the images I’ve attached of Brooklyn would even come to the minds of friends abroad, when they think of New York.

In the late 90s, I was in love with Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and vowed I would never live anywhere else in New York. For the past decade, I’ve vowed I would never live in New York unless it was in Manhattan.  Although today my dream is to live all over the world for months at a time, with the option to come home when we do to New York City, down the road it may just end up being Brooklyn once again.

If travel, and my own experiences, taught me anything at all, it is that life is often very unpredictable.

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